Margaret River Holiday Houses

Is Your Home Perfect for the Margaret River Holiday Houses portfolio?

If you feel that your Margaret River home fits the overall look and vibe of Margaret River Holiday Houses, and you would like to join our portfolio, we would love to hear from you.

Save Time, Save Stress

We know that managing a holiday house can be time consuming and stressful, but we have been doing it for years and know exactly how things work in the day to day management.  Important information to bear in mind when considering us to manage your holiday house:

  • Your home must hold a short-term holiday house licence
  • Your home should have some rustic character to it like exposed beams, wooden floorboards, or stone floors/walls etc.
  • Your home should have, or you would be willing to have heritage style furniture and bed linen/towels.
  • Your home must be located in the Margaret River shire. We are specifically looking for a beach house and a vineyard house to add the collection.
  • Your home must have high speed internet.
  • You must be willing to let us completely manage the bookings, cleaning, payments, and maintenance of the property.

We guarantee an extremely personalised service therefore we will limit the amount of houses we have in our portfolio however if you think your house is the perfect fit we would love to chat with you over a coffee or a glass of chardonnay!

Contact Miriam on +61 407 832712 or

Margaret River Holiday Houses